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Thumbs up, thumbs down


Thumbs up:

• Kikkan Randall: Tackling her toughest challenge yet with positivity and class. Cancer sucks. We’re still rooting for you, Kikkan.

• Goat fans: The goat yoga craze finds its way north.

• Arctic development: During a recent visit, Defense Secretary Mattis says U.S. needs to “up its game” in the Arctic. Alaskans: Yep. ‘Bout time.

Thumbs down:

• School vandals: Playground arson and major property damage. Enough is enough.

• Eardrums: Airplane noise in Anchorage is awful this summer, likely to get worse.

• Dismal voter turnout: Voter participation of five percent may soon be history in the Mat-Su if activists succeed.

Sarah Erkmann Ward, Blueprint Alaska

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