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It’s campaign season, even for Barbie

by The 100 Companies
campaign season for Barbie

It’s campaign season and many of our loyal readers are involved in the political and policy process, which makes Mattel’s recent unveil of Barbie’s Campaign Team 2020 a timely respite from the serious issues of the day.

There’s Campaign Fundraiser, Campaign Manager, Candidate and Voter. After the announcement, social media did what it does best by suggesting others who were omitted, such as my fav, Communications Barbie. Politico’s everywhere asked, where’s Opposition Research Barbie, Social Media Content Barbie, and the Sleep Deprived and Over-Caffeinated Staffer Barbie?

Here’s a must read from Roll Call’s Kathryn Lyons and her take on Team 2020.

– Christina Johnson, The OJT 100

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