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The 907: What’s for lunch, Anchorage?

by The 100 Companies

When it comes to lunch spots in Anchorage, there are a few local restaurants we find ourselves ordering from again and again.

1. Sweet Caribou: When it comes to salad delivery, you really can’t go wrong here.

2. Urban Greens: Want to sink your teeth into a delicious sandwich? This is your spot.

3. Bear Tooth: When you want to get everyone onboard, try this crowd pleaser.

4. Altura Bistro: Try this takeout menu when you’re feeling fancy.

5. Serranos: This spot is for when you’re feeling spicy.

6. New Sagaya: Grab-and-go favorites for the whole team.

7. Bonus: If you’re dining in, Palmeira is a new favorite.

Kelsey Fiedler, The Alaska 100

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