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Cool off, explore the breathtaking glaciers of Valdez

by The 100 Companies
valdez glaciers

Chill out in Valdez amongst the beauty of the many nearby glaciers, which can be explored independently or on guided tours.

Operators open for business:

• Anadyr Adventures guides guests right up to the Valdez and Shoup glaciers in inflatable kayaks.

• LuLu Belle Glacier and Wildlife Cruises brings guests close to Columbia Glacier, the second-largest tidewater glacier in North America.

Independent exploration:

• For a quick hike, head to majestic Worthington Glacier, which is one of the most accessible glaciers in Alaska.

•  We also recommend checking out Valdez Glacier Campground to camp in the Chugach Mountains near a waterfall from glacial run-off.

Mary Simton, The Alaska 100

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