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The Alaska 100 team is comprised of experts in public relations, journalism, photography and videography who understand the need for an easy-to-read, bi-monthly e-newsletter focusing on all things Alaska. In response, we have created a blend of articles and videos that provide a quick yet thorough view into the people, news, events and ideas that shape our state.

What sets The Alaska 100 apart from other news outlets? The length of our articles and videos. We understand that our readers want stories that match the pace of their daily schedule. To accommodate that, each article is exactly 100 words and each video 100 seconds. Crafted on topics of intrigue, The Alaska 100 offers bite-size morsels packaged around Alaskans’ wild, busy lives. Topics range from Alaska business, history and culture to travel, the arts and entertainment. The goal is to quickly and easily inform readers about a wide range of topics relevant to Alaskans.

If you’re looking for brief, interesting and powerful stories and videos, The Alaska 100 is what you’ve been waiting for!

About Thompson & Co. Public Relations

The Alaska 100 is a project of Thompson & Co. Public Relations, a full-service agency based in Anchorage, Alaska, with offices in New York City and Houston. T&C specializes in brand messaging, media relations, social media strategy, event coordination, crisis planning and more for a wide range of industries and non-profit clients. At T&C the focus is on strategic communications for exceptional results. The agency strives to build mutually beneficial relationships between its clients and their audiences through fresh, creative campaigns.

The stories, photos, videos and podcasts contained herein are written by The 100 Companies LLC and its members for the benefit of its members, partners, sponsors, clients and readers. We hope you’ll enjoy our content and share it with other members of your community.

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