Home Business The 907: Creative Company Retreats Spur Innovative Ideas

The 907: Creative Company Retreats Spur Innovative Ideas

The staff of Thompson & Co. PR are featured at the Imagination Emporium

Company retreats are a time to connect with your team, but they should also be a time to think creatively together.

Duncan Wardle, former VP of innovation & creativity at Disney, recently led Imagination Emporium sessions for Thompson & Co. Public Relations during the agency’s annual retreat in Anchorage. The goal: find creative ways to deliver business results. Discover how to develop both strategic and creative ideas that are deeply embedded in consumer needs. By allowing space for innovation, participants learned new solutions to approach old problems.

As Wardle said, in the spirit of Walt Disney, “It’s fun to do the impossble.”

Stephanie Plieness, The Alaska 100

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