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The Alaska 100’s phavorite pho


With flu season upon us, there’s no better cure-all than a bowl of hot, beefy broth piled high with spices and thinly sliced meat. We’ve rounded up our “phavorite” eateries when nothing but pho will do.

Pho Lena, Anchorage: With three locations in Anchorage, Pho Lena makes access to its signature soup “eff-pho-tless!” Try the Pho Tom Khar for a coconut twist on the dish.

Pho House, Fairbanks: The Pho House boasts hearty portions and fresh ingredients – a pho must!

Pho and Thai Cuisine, Eagle River: Flavorful pho, savory curry and egg rolls – need we say more?

Kailee Wallis, The Alaska 100

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