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Hiking around Alaska with Thompson & Co. PR

by The 100 Companies

It’s time to strap on those hiking boots and head to the mountains! At T&C, we love spending Alaska’s summer together on the trails. Looking for a new peak to summit or a new walking trail? Add one of our favorite family-friendly spots to your summer bucket list:

• Flattop Mountain, Anchorage

• Blueberry Loop, Anchorage

• Rabbit Lake Trail, Anchorage

• Reed Lakes Trail , Anchorage

• Thunderbird Falls, Chugiak

• Winner Creek Trail, Girdwood

Looking for a hike elsewhere in the state? We’ve got you covered.

Angel Rocks, Fairbanks

• Palmer Creek Lakes, Hope

• Lunch Creek Trail, Ketchikan

• Mount Roberts Trail, Juneau

• Savage River Loop, Denali

Madison McEnaney, The Alaska 100

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