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Thumbs up, thumbs down

by The 100 Companies

Thumbs up:

• Suicide prevention: 988 comes to Alaska (and the nation) as the dialing code for connecting callers to suicide-prevention professionals. Spread the word.

• Public use cabins: Kodiak has two new public use cabins, one on Woody Island and one in Pasagshak.

• Chena River State Recreation: Closed since 2020, the site is being cleaned up with goal of reopening the public campground.

• Tribal recognition: Governor signs legislation formally recognizing Alaska’s tribes.

Thumbs down:

• Monkeypox: First case of the virus arrives in Alaska.

• Overdoses: Alaska continues to struggle with overdose deaths.

• Wildfires: State’s wildfire season is one for the history books.

Sarah Erkmann Ward, Blueprint Alaska

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