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Leadership and lifestyle podcasts for your commute


Here is a breakdown of podcasts to check out no matter your career, interest or lifestyle:

College student: “Chasers”

Intern: “The Intern

Young pro: “Millennial Money

Sports fan: “30 for 30”

True crime: “My Favorite Murder”

#GirlBoss: “Women Rule

Parenting: “Parenting On Purpose”

The dad: “The Good, The Dad & The Ugly: The Fatherhood Podcast

The mom: “Sure, Babe”

C-suite: “TedTalks Business”

Realtor:Talking Real

Retired: “Stuff You Missed in History Class”

Just need a laugh: “The Ron Burgundy Podcast” (just launched)

Remember, most podcasts do not cost money, so download directly to your smartphone or tablet for your commute.

Taylor Ketchum, The Oklahoma 100

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