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Warm up this winter at Mendenhall Glacier

by The 100 Companies
Mendenhall Glacier

Each winter, Mendenhall Glacier Visitor Center in Juneau hosts a fireside lecture series on various topics of local interest. From nature and science, history to storytelling, each lecture is equal parts informative and entertaining. The events are free to the public.

Here are a few upcoming topics:

Friday, Feb. 1 – “Gobi bears, pursuing the most endangered bears on the planet?”

Friday, Feb. 8 – “Bear 153 at the visitor center, a life well known”

Friday, Feb. 15 – “Growing up on ice: How seal pups thrive in Antarctica”

Friday, Feb. 22 – “Behind the scenes – a film director’s take on ‘The Salmon Forest’”

Emily McLaughlin, The Alaska 100

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