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From recycling bin to underbody skin


Ford was the first automaker to use recycled plastics for wheel liners on the European Escort. Over the last 12 years, aerodynamics has driven the need for underbody shields with the use of plastics in vehicle parts.

When you recycle, do you ever wonder where all that plastic ends up?

Ford Motor Company is playing a major role in promoting environmentally friendly auto parts. By using recycled plastic bottles for underbody shields on all cars and SUVs, and wheel liners on F-series trucks, Ford uses about 1.2 billion recycled plastic bottles per year – about 250 bottles per vehicle on average.

Due to its light weight, recycled plastic is ideal for the manufacture of underbody shields, engine under shield and front and rear wheel arch liners that can help improve vehicle aerodynamics, which effects fuel efficiency.

Thomas Sweder, Ford Motor Company

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