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Best Thai food in Alaska

by The 100 Companies

There’s a misconception that Alaska’s restaurant scene is linear. Salmon, reindeer sausage, salmon, halibut and more salmon. In reality, Alaska cuisine represents cultures across the globe. One favorite is Thai food. 

Top-notch restaurants, each as good as the last, can be found in most towns. Whether you already love Thai or want to try it for the first time, here are some of the best spots around the state: 

• Tok Thai (Glenallen). This food truck made  Lonely Planet‘s list of places to eat in Alaska. 

•  Empress (Kotzebue).

•  Bahn Thai Restaurant (Fairbanks).

•  Lemongrass (Fairbanks).

•  Pho Lena (Anchorage).

•  Wee Maan Din (Ketchikan).

Sage Dudick, The Alaska 100

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