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Farewell thumbs up, thumbs down

by The 100 Companies

Thumbs up:

Survivor cat: Couple whose Juneau home collapsed into flooded river reunited with beloved cat, some 26 days later.

Graphite mine: Big mine development picks up powerhouse investor in the form of major Alaska Native Corporation, Bering Straits.

Enrollment: More students are attending schools within the University of Alaska system this year, reversing five-year, downward trend.

Thumbs down:

Foreign encroachment: Joint Russia-China exercise sends warships within miles of Alaska’s coast. Anyone nervous?

Crab fishery: Experts predict another bleak crab fishing season, fishermen brace for worst.

Goodbye! This is the last thumbs up, thumbs down column. Thanks, it’s been fun.

Sarah Erkmann Ward, Blueprint Alaska

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