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2019 Fur Rondy highlights: Part two

2019 Fur Rondy

It’s no secret that Fur Rondy is one of Alaska’s favorite winter traditions. Over a dozen eccentric main events and 100 other activities occur during Anchorage’s largest, oldest winter festival. Ever been chased by a reindeer? Or gone bowling on an ice-covered river? During Fur Rondy, the streets of Anchorage become a unique spectacle for all to enjoy. Here are some events:

• State Snow Sculpture and Carnival continuation.
• Charlotte Jensen Native Arts Market.
• World Championship Outdoor Hockey Tournament.
• Alaska Hold‘em Tournament of Champions.
• Fur Auction Day Two.
• Running of the Reindeer.
• Cornhole Championships.

Are you ready to Rondy?

Shannon Sadler, The Alaska 100

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