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Alaska Company Committed to Lowering State’s Suicide Rate


This PSA from GCI sheds a light on the issue of suicide in Alaska. (Video courtesy of GCI)

Alaska’s suicide rate, approximately twice the national average, is an alarming statistic that Alaskans are working to combat. Suicide prevention is not only a priority issue for Alaska’s leaders and health advocates, but now Alaska-born-and-raised companies like GCI have launched their own prevention efforts with the goal of helping its employees and fellow Alaskans.

In 2016, GCI’s Suicide Prevention Fund awarded grants ranging from $5,000 to $15,000 – a total of $100,000—to nine organizations that support suicide prevention and promote mental wellness. The new effort promotes innovative, community-based programs that reach Alaskans statewide.

– Heather Handyside, GCI

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